Sunday, 20 January 2008

Who likes pizza????

Yes Everyone the first random post for my site has arrived!!!!!!! I would like to know if u like pizza (i don't know why I just wanna know!) cos I just had some and itwas deeelicious!!!!!! thin and cripsy just the way I like it!!!



Anonymous said...

Hey dude! Cool site! But, on the poll, you spelled Cena1212 wrong. It is Cena12121. I hoped I help byyyeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wyatt (Wjc0906) said...

I hate pizza.

Wyatt (Wjc0906) said...

LOL kwl opening caption thingy

owen said...

Thnx anonymous guy I've put the poll right now! by the way are u the one who said nasty stuff about Shanti on the yellow puffle people?

Club penguin poll