Monday, 25 February 2008


Wyatt hasn't been doing his weekend shift!!!!!! Oh No! Wyatt For 2 seconds your fired!... Okay! 2 Seconds up! Right Down to business! er.... The news! The news to day is someone just died a second ago and now someone was just born! because someone is born & dies (I don't mean the same person) EVERY SECOND!!! Can you beive that like 100 people were born or died while I was writing this! Well er that's About enough randomness for now.

Owen ;-)


Wyatt (Wjc0906) said...

Im sorry, boss!! PLZ DONT FIRE ME!!

I'll DO MY JOB!!!!

Owen said...


Owen said...

Wyatt will you get ur friends to visit randomania?????? please!!!!!?????!!!!!!?????

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