Monday, 16 June 2008

3 subjects. 2 paragraphs. 1 Post!!

On the weekend I went to primrose valley!!! If your American u might not know what that is so I'll tell you! It's a holiday resort in England! We we're supposed to go camping... But it rained. A lot. And I had to miss school today cos we weren't aloud to stay for one night only we had to stay for two. And tomorrow I'm going swimming with my school! (We go every Tuesday) And we're having a gala!!!! That makes me happy cos I think I'm the 2nd best swimmer! It used to just be my Class (year 6) but then when we were practising for SATs year 5 went. And now SATs are over, Both year 6 & 5 go! Last week I didn't go cos I didn't know we were going. (I was a day behind on schedule)

Anyway, Random: people, Frogs, Pandas, Aliens of all ages. Do you know a contest where one species will compete? Many breeds of the species collide? Where Scooby Doo is a Judge??? Well I'm gonna tell you about that place. It's called Dog Idol. It's a place where all dogs are
welcome to sing there heart out! But Only ONE winner can be crowned. To find out who that is visit and cast you vote! Who do you think is is the next Dog Idol?

Owen ;-)

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Wyatt (Wjc0906) said...

Well, Owen, people in america never go swimming at school!! Thats madness!! What, is it 'Swimming is education week'? Thats crazy!!! Crazier than me!! LOL!

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