Thursday, 28 August 2008

Contest of the month!

Okay this months contest is called 'Go find it' here are the rules.

I will have a list of things you need to find on club penguin. The penguin who finds all of them first and sends Print screens of them to me at will become a member of the team (if not already) if you are a member of the team you will win admin privileges!. Now here's what you have to find!

1. a penguin with the number 2 in it's name. (can not be from your buddy list)
2. 6 green puffles. (can not be yours or on one of your buddy's player cards but it can be from a member igloo or a penguin may be walking it)
3. A giant 'S' from one of the buildings in cp.
4. A street light.
5. A Log.
6. A blue arrow sign.

Remember when you find them send an email with the pictures attached to! On your marks, get set, FIND!

Oj Pengy ;-)

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