Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Cool competition!!!!

I have a competition!!! You have 2 weeks to do something really RANDOM!!!! The places where you can do this random thing:

In a comment
On YOUR website in a post

If I don't DAILY check your website then you'll have to tell me to look at your site. The sites I check daily are:
The Club Penguin Gang
Club Penguin Puffles
Super & Orange puffles
Team Club Penguin Cheats
Club Penguin Pod
CP Funny Pics

That's just about all But you can NOT steal anything from a post on Randomania, but you CAN enter MORE than than once!. The winner gets Admin privileges on Randomania!!!!!

Owen ;-)

1 comment:

Wyatt (Wjc0906) said...

Im entering on all 4 of my sites you visit!

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