Monday, 31 March 2008


Wyatt! Where are the posts? They invisible or sumthin!! If so well done, but if you haven't done any posts then WHY!?!?!? I ALWAYS TELL YA T DO THE WEEKEND POSTS!!!! CAN YA NOT READ!? As people may recall from January - Febuary I had a poll it said 'How often should I do posts?' Most people voted 'Daily' but we fail to have daily posts! All I ask is for you to come to this site ONCE! very Friday, Saturday & Sunday and do the posts!!!!! They're really the only days u need to come to this site! But you come all other day's as well which is good! But they're the ONLY days you seem to come!!! When or should I say if you come on weekends just PLEASE remember to do the posts!

Owen >:-|

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